Past and Ongoing Projects :

  • Topographic and Boundary Survey, Essex County Fish Hatchery, Town of Crown Point, NY-2018

DLS conducted a Topographic and Boundary survey for the design of improvements at the facility. Base mapping was prepared in 2015 AutoCAD Civil 3D for direct use by the design engineer to improve site drainage and upgrade facilities for fish habitat.

  • Willsboro Point Aerial Mapping for Essex County, 2018:

DLS provided Aerial Mapping for Willsboro Point in the town of Willsboro. This entailed capturing roughly 1050 acres of land for future development. Mapping was created with 1' contours for the project.

  • Site Remediation, Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility, Wilton, NY - 2017:

DLS performed layout for remediation work and capturing topographic data before during and after critical steps in the process for use in calculation of quantities removed and replaced. Mapping was prepared for the various stages of remediation onsite for submission by our client upon completion of the project. Quantities were computed of various materials being imported and exported from the site for use by our client in getting compensated.

  • Construction Computation and Layout, NYS Route 32 Bridge Replacement, Cohoes and Waterford NY - 2016-2018:

DLS worked as a subcontractor to the heavy highway construction under contract with the NYSDOT for this project. All computations and layout for each component of the bridge substructure, including piers, steel, approaches, utility relocation and grading were performed by DLS for a 700-foot long bridge with 5 spans and 400 feet of approach & roadway tie in at each end.

  • Construction Computation, Layout and Mapping, Gilboa Dam Site, Gilboa, NY - 2015-Present:

DLS is providing construction computation and layout for the current phase of improvements at this approximately 1600-foot dam facility, which includes construction of a Low-Level Outlet Tunnel.

  • Schoharie County Stream Restoration Survey - 2013:

DLS performed topographic surveys of select sections of a few major streams around the Middleburgh area which were affected by flooding associated with Hurricane Irene. Topographic field data was collected of the stream channel and surrounding area, mapping was also generated for use in the redesign of the stream channel.

  • Residential Subdivisions:

DLS has been contacted many times over the years to conduct surveys to create subdivisions for many private landowners and/or residential builders. This includes initial research, a field survey, mapping, setting property corners, final surveys also working with local municipalities and government agencies to make sure all parts of the job get done seamlessly and in a timely manner.

From General Contractors, Residential Builders to Attorneys, Darrah Land Surveying PLLC is glad to have worked with many different types of clients and firms to achieve their surveying needs.

  • Residential/Commercial Builders
  • Law Offices
  • Engineering Firms
  • Residential Home/Land Owners
  • Local Businesses