Construction Projects

Construction Computation, Layout and Mapping, Gilboa Dam Site, Gilboa, NY - 2015-Present

Darrah Land Surveying is providing construction computation and layout relative to design drawings for the current phase of improvements at this approximate 1600-foot dam facility, which includes construction of a low-level outlet tunnel. Additional services include collecting As-built data of features as they are installed for NYCDEP approval.

Site for Installation of Landfill at International Paper, Ticonderoga, NY Facility - 2019

Darrah Land Surveying provided survey support for layout and captured as-built conditions of site features as they were installed. Other services provided including topographic data to provide volume computations and prepared mapping submittals for each phase of the project.

Construction Computation & Layout, U.S. Route 6 and U.S. Route 20, City of Port Jervis, NY - 2018-2020

Darrah Land Surveying worked as a subcontractor to the heavy highway construction company under contract with New York State Department of Transportation for this project. All computations and layout for each component of the bridge structure, including piers, steel, approaches, utility relocation and grading were performed by our firm for the bridge over the Neversink River as well as 2 box culvert replacements and miles of sidewalk replacement. GPS base installation and machine control file preparation

Topographic & Boundary Survey, Essex County Fish Hatchery, Crown Point, NY-2018

A topographic and boundary survey was prepared for design of improvements at the 4 acre facility. Base mapping was prepared in AutoCAD Civil 3D for direct use by the design engineer to improve site drainage and upgrade facilities for fish habitat.

Aerial Mapping Control, Wetlands Locations & Mapping, Washington County Champlain Canalway Trail, Whitehall, NY-2019

Aerial mapping controls, wetland locations and mapping, property surveys, easement mapping, planning and feasibility study, and descriptions were conducted for a proposed 7 miles trail connecting Comstock to the Village of Whitehall. Mapping was prepared in AutoCAD Civil 3D and was formatted with layers to specifications set by the contractor.

Survey Control & LiDAR Scan, Kent Falls Trifurcation, Kent Falls, NY-2019

A ground survey was performed at the site to facilitate a LiDAR scan of a 3,000’ penstock used at the hydro facility. A Trimble SX10 scanning total station was used to establish control and capture LiDAR point cloud data. Point cloud data was processed using Trimble Real Works Advanced Plant. From the point cloud data cross-sections of the penstock were cut for use in determining the geometry of replacement supports.

GPS Rover & Control Points, Brentwood, NY-2020

Surveying services were provided to support the installation of guide rails relative to an existing survey of the property. Control points were set at intervals around the perimeter to assist with the layout of the guide rails placement, including 8,600’ of existing utility line.

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